Friday, June 1, 2012

Strawberry plants

Every year its fun planting our garden digging up and flipping the soil is a part that my son at his age thinks is fun. Wait 'till he gets older he probably won't think that anymore. Three years ago off to one side we planted two small strawberry plants that have now taken up about fifteen square feet of area. We ended up digging this up and planting them all over our property in hopes that we will have thousands of strawberries someday.

Strange weather

It had been seventeen days since we've had  any amount of rainfall. And that was only very little that we had gotten. We'd never had anything like this before in Central New York. We had golf ball size hail hit the ground and explode like miniature bombs. Accompanying this was fifty to sixty mile an hour winds and sheet rain that came so fast that it washed out front of our front yard and part of our backyard. I've been here for fifty years and this has never happened here. People were running for cover people were trying to get their vehicles inside their garages or under cover by driving very fast out of the area.